Wash Road Allotments Association, Hutton

Who Are We ?

With the new calendar year it’s always sad to see dear friends leave but their vacated plots provides opportunity to welcome new folks to The Wash Road Allotments Association (WRAA).


If you are interested in becoming a new member or just seeking further details before deciding an allotment is right for you, please complete the form on the Contact Us page.  On receipt, a member of the WRAA committee will contact you shortly.


For returning members, please refresh yourself with the Check List Summary and our T&Cs in the Members Area page.


What's It Like?

On entering the front gate you are greeted by the trickling of a small stream that flows alongside of our small community of allotments that backs off the Hutton County Park.  Spring always greets you with a corridor of daffodils, courtesy of former plot holder Robin.

Many of our members live within walking or cycle distance from the site making this a perfect place for convenient access to tranquility and 'growing your own'. 


For the beginners, there is lots of help at hand.  For the experts? well you can help the beginners.  It certainly is a joy seeing several of the new plot owners reap their first year of successful harvest.  Some splendid displays of pumpkin are now being converted to pie and lanterns.

Where Are We?

*Select the earth map icon for a birds-eye view of the allotment.