The Wash Road Vineyard is now under the care of a shared co-op.  Our philosophy is to grow these vines organically.  So what have we got......


Rondo grapes are suitable to growing in the English terrior and we are lucky enough to have a small plot of these vines in Hutton. There are several lines of Triumph Reds which are a black grape; handy for enriching the colour of the red wine.  Included amongst these are a handful of the white Phoenix grapes and some dessert grapes of unknown strand.


Pruning the vines to ensure a bumper crop takes place around March - early April. There will also be another session of pruning in the summer to ensure energy is directed to grape growth and that they are getting as much sun as possible to ripe.  There are different methods of pruning and Gavan, our grape god father,  recommends either of two methods below as it maximizes the space available for the vines to grow and for the grapes to capture sun.  If you tie the cane or cordon horizontally to the lowest wire line then the new growth will head vertically upwards and be supported by the upper wires.


Grapes are not just for wine making. Producing fresh grape juice, jellies and jams are rather yummy options.


If  you fancy taking ownership for a couple of rows in this 'vineyard' then please complete the form with your name (and existing plot number if you have one) for further information.

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